Program Particulars

REDF Program

Finance amount
SR 5,000,000
Minimum Down payment
  • 10% for REDF Subsidized Lending Program
  • 5% for REDF Down Payment Guarantee Program
Minimum Monthly Income
SR 4,000
Repayment period
Up to 30 years.
Eligible Property
The Masakin REDF program is designed to finance some real estate types.Apartments, Villas and Apartment Buildings.
Property conditions
The property must be empty, ready to occupy and connected with water and electricity and should meet basic guidelines for funding.

The possibility of solidarity of husband and wife provided they are in the government sector, and all pensioners from the Public Pension Agency and General Organization for Social Insurance, including some of semi government retirees.

Eligible for
REDF beneficiaries for the Subsidized Lending program.
Age Criteria
At least 20 years of age and not more than 65 years upon submission of the application provided that it does not exceed 75 years at the end of the financing period


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Employees Testimonial

My passion is making a difference and standing out in any place I belong to. I joined Dar Al Tamleek because I believe it will provide me with a dynamic challenging working environment. I am eagerly anticipating being a productive Dar Al Tamleek member
Jaydaa Baeshen
Jaydaa Baeshen
I joined Dar Al Tamleek because it enables me to make an impact on individuals, and society. It encourages a culture truly dependant on teamwork. Every achievement you make in this company is a collective effort of the team.
Ruaa Banaja
Ruaa Banaja

Customers Testimonial

The wonderful Masakin program from Dar Al-Tamleek made things easy for me. As a prior government employee in military sector, I’ve got the proper funding with the most reasonable period of time to pay it back.
Abdullah Abu Taleb
Abdullah Abu Taleb
My family and I now live in our dream home; I’ve got the proper funding from Dar Al-Tamleek through Ijarah program. I have more than twenty years to pay it back. The program provided me with all the necessary advisory funding plan I’m looking for.
Basim Munshi
Basim Munshi
Yes, I’ve owned of my dreams home... it happened very fast and through Masakin program from Dar Al-Al-Tamleek, which provided me with all the necessary advices. Their advisers were beside me form the first moment I’ve submit my application until the moment I’ve received the key to my home
Qasim al-Mahdi
Qasim al-Mahdi

5 Career Benefits at Dar Al Tamleek

  • Competitive salaries & remunerations
  • Advanced training & job security
  • Social insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Incentives & Bonus

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